Word from the Chairman

The European Emesis Council was established in 2006 as a forum for key opinion leaders in
Europe to discuss key issues in the management of vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems
in companion animals. Over this period the Council has not only shared knowledge between
themselves, but has been very effective in producing both scholarly works and practical
management guidance for veterinary colleagues. In addition, the Council has supported clinical
research through the awarding of research grants and prizes for leading publications in the field.

I would like to thank and acknowledge my colleagues on the Council for their continued
enthusiasm and hard work, and I look forward to our future collaborations in the expectation
that we will continue to encourage exploration of new horizons that will enhance the welfare of
animals in our care.

RCVS and European Specialist in Small Animal Medicine

Mission Statement

The European Emesis Council is committed to building and developing better practice in the medical management of canine and feline emesis and the associated causes.

Who is this site for?

The European Emesis Council (EEC) website is a resource for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, researchers, veterinary students, academics and other professionals involved in the study or treatment of canine and feline emesis.

The site is not intended for dog or cat owners. Dog and cat owners who are concerned about the health of their dog or cat should visit their own veterinary surgeon to receive appropriate advice.